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Sen. Mike Lee reminded everyone Tuesday that he has not yet endorsed Donald Trump's presidential campaign. I have not endorsed Mr. Trump, the Utah Republican said on MSNBC. I'm still looking for a... [Read More]
Someone other than Donald Trump will now be overseeing his campaign messaging and press interactions. Bloomberg Politics reports the presumptive GOP nominee known for speaking on the fly has hired Jason Miller —... [Read More]
At some point before he was brought on as Donald Trump's senior advisor for communications on Monday, former Ted Cruz advisor Jason Miller carried out what's quickly becoming a rite of passage for... [Read More]
Donald Trump has hired Jason Miller to serve as senior adviser for his campaign, finally providing help to the one-woman communications shop Hope Hicks. Jason Miller led communications for the Ted Cruz... [Read More]
With his heavily ad-libbed campaign promises, Donald Trump's media strategy has often better resembled an improv routine. But after the ouster of rogue campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, that may no longer be the... [Read More]
Jason Miller, who joined the presumptive GOP candidate's team this week, will be Trump's senior communications adviser... [Read More]
A top lieutenant to Ted Cruz is joining Donald Trump's presidential campaign, filling a hole in its communications shop. [Read More]
Donald Trump's new communications advisor didn't just work for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) earlier in the campaign, he repeatedly mocked the real estate mogul on Twitter. Think Progress reported on Monday night that... [Read More]
Donald Trump has hired a top communications consultant who worked on Sen. Ted Cruz' unsuccessful presidential campaign. A Republican with knowledge of the hiring says Jason Miller will serve as Trump's senior communications... [Read More]
The Donald Trump campaign has hired a former Ted Cruz staffer to lead the spreading of his campaign message and his interactions with the news media, Bloomberg Politics reports. [Read More]
Donald Trump has hired a top communications consultant who worked on Sen. Ted Cruz' unsuccessful presidential campaign. [Read More]
Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has hired the senior communications advisor to former candidate Ted Cruz to head the campaign's press shop. Jason Miller will join the New York businessman's team as senior... [Read More]
Jason Miller will oversee interactions with the news media, a significant move as Mr. Trump shifts toward a more traditional campaign structure. [Read More]
A top lieutenant to Ted Cruz is joining Donald Trump's presidential campaign, filling a hole in its communications shop. Jason Miller, who guided communications and paid media for the Cruz campaign, will... [Read More]
'The Five' Co-Host Dana Perino on Donald Trump's refusal to invite Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich to the RNC. [Read More]
Jason Miller served as the senior communications advisor for Texas Senator Ted Cruz's presidential campaign... [Read More]
One is assigned to Sen. Ted Cruz, the other to businessman Donald Trump, but make no mistake, State Rep. Greg Barreto and his wife, Chris, are not a team of rivals. The Cove... [Read More]
One is assigned to Sen. Ted Cruz, the other to businessman Donald Trump, but make no mistake, State Rep. Greg Barreto and his wife, Chris, are not a team of rivals. The Cove... [Read More]
As part of an attempt to prevent rebellion at the Republican convention, Donald Trump will not let any Republicans who have not endorsed him speak at the party's July gathering in Cleveland, Ohio,... [Read More]
Conservatives often excoriate the "liberal media." The Media Research Center, a content analysis organization, brands itself as a vehicle to "expose and neutralize the propaganda arm of the left: the national... [Read More]
The two former primary rivals to Donald Trump said they did not care if he excluded them from speaking at the Republican convention, which he vowed to do unless they endorsed him. [Read More]
This may come as some surprise, but not everything that happens in the world is about Donald Trump. Not everything is even about America. Sure, the hot takes are easy to write:... [Read More]
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Ted Cruz and John Kasich have a message for Donald Trump: They don't care if they are not invited to speak at his convention. As Trump tries to plan a convention that... [Read More]
Steve Deace, the conservative #NeverTrump stalwart and erstwhile Ted Cruz campaign surrogate, appeared on MSNBC Monday to challenge Donald Trump to prove that he's a "badass" and open up the Republican National Convention. [Read More]
Colorado Republicans decide Tuesday who challenges Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in November. A glance at the five candidates on select issues: DARRYL GLENN - Donald Trump: Glenn has stumped for Trump but... [Read More]
Sen. Ted Cruz, a former 2016 GOP presidential rival of Sen. Marco Rubio, threw his support behind Mr. Rubio's re-election bid Wednesday. [Read More]
People say you can't put a price on life, but Republicans certainly have. Ted Cruz (R-TX) thinks 100 human lives are worth about $159,800. Marco Rubio (R) doesn't put as high a value... [Read More]
Donald Trump's presidential campaign blasted Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's decision to stump with Hillary Clinton in Ohio as a treacherous move that spurns progressive voters. Clinton and Warren campaigned together in Cincinnati on... [Read More]
With under three weeks to go until to the Republican convention, Utah Sen. Mike Lee is unwilling to support Donald Trump for president. Lee, a former Ted Cruz supporter who will serve on... [Read More]
Donald Trump told The New York Times that if his former rivals, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, do not endorse him, they should not be allowed to speak at... [Read More]
Texas supporters of Bernie Sanders are more reluctant to support Hillary Clinton than Ted Cruz supporters are to support Donald Trump, according to a new poll released Monday morning. [Read More]
The presumptive Republican nominee must now make the case that he needs money, after months of boasting that he can pay his own way. Trump's national finance chairman Steven Mnuchin said the... [Read More]
Donald Trump's vanquished GOP presidential rivals who are holding out on endorsing him won't be allowed to speak at the Republican national convention, the presumptive Republican nominee suggested in an interview published Sunday.... [Read More]
Yesterday, Donald Trump said, "President Obama has mass-deported vast numbers of people — the most ever — and it's never reported. I think people are going to find that I have not only... [Read More]
Nothing gives the president "power to be the bathroom police," U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz declared at the Republican Party of Texas convention as he took fierce issue with an Obama administration letter to... [Read More]
Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump doesn't have much in the way of campaign infrastructure — in fact, one recent report revealed he employs a mere 30 campaign staff nationwide, the same as what... [Read More]
MSNBC's Alex Witt sits down with Republican strategist Joe Watkins, and MSNBC Political Analyst and former National Spokesman for Ted Cruz, Rick Tyler, to talk about all things Trump, "Brexit" and the effectiveness... [Read More]
Remember George Wallace, who sought to be the Democrats' nominee twice — in 1964 and 1972 — with a run as a third party candidate in 1968? Both were scorned... [Read More]

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